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Bio: This argument is true for quality education, and it is equally true for quality VR and
related services. But, before long, I learned that professors frequently wrote on blackboards or flipcharts presenting outlines, diagrams, charts
and other similar pieces of specific print information which
we were expected to copy accurately and then memorize or
study thoroughly. Answers to these and similar questions are key, particularly
at a time when some government planners, who have no knowledge about or
interest in blindness, believe that government can be streamlined by creating giant, impersonal super bureaucracies.
I then asked my secretary to take a copy of each piece
of paper having to do with all of the federal health plans and to weigh the
whole stack. He was stunned. He then decided to support our legislative asking.
Then I said, 'This is ridiculous. So all of this is to say,
in my view, that the future of rehabilitation is certainly dotted with many challenges, but
they are different only because of the context, the times in which we live, the new environment.

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