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Bio: What should we do, however, when the act of the offender is not merely an effort
at kindness or intended to bestow a compliment but is rude in the
extreme, or even abusive? Unbelievable as it seems, although
I could read no more than fifteen or twenty words a minute of very
";large print"; materials for no more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a sitting
and, further, even though everyone knew I would be totally blind from RP one
day, I was not taught Braille. H. Paying Back: A final part of coming emotionally to know
that you're okay has to do with the concept of ";giving back by doing for others.";
In the beginning, of course, the customer can't do much of this since ";a poor man doesn't have much to give."; But, as the customer
begins to grow and develop, an important part of his or her own emotional adjustment is getting outside of himself or herself and serving as a positive role model and helping other blind people.
I can assure you that those concerns have nothing to do with blindness or with quality services for blind people.

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