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5-7 czerwca 2015 Luttmersen - Wersja do druku

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5-7 czerwca 2015 Luttmersen - Petit Zouave - 08-06-2015 23:24


A few pictures from last weekend in Luttmersen, near Hannover (52°33'33.1"N 9°34'51.2"E). It was the yearly ACW event, organized by the German UCR eV on a large German Army/ NATO excercise area.

We were approx. 60 Union soldiers with 2 cannons and approx. 60 Confederate with 2 canons.
In the morning at 09:00 the Confederate left the camp and we, the Union, followed 1h later. After a 1km march the first small firefights with Confederate Skirmisher began and after a short while both groups where completly in battle. The fighting lastet till 17:00 and it was nearly a constant moveing back and forth. Back in the camp, after a break for weapon cleaning, we had a Pay Call.

At our camp was also again the Sutler Store from http://www.us-civilwar.de/ which is attending on every ACW event here in Germany.

Approx. 500m away from our camp was also a small WW1 re-enactment also organized by the UCR eV and the VHU.

So, maybe I see you there next year, too!?

[Obrazek: luttmersenjun0hgj69bi5r.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjunysdcibegw2.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjunyqn913wkbm.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjun60ifoeatmv.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjunlpbowd42r9.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjunduc9z0jvsm.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjunwdktf86phq.jpg]

[Obrazek: luttmersenjunweyb2dso46.jpg]

RE: 5-7 czerwca 2015 Luttmersen - Paul Yank - 09-06-2015 07:48

Exelent pictures Smile

RE: 5-7 czerwca 2015 Luttmersen - Blue Savage - 09-06-2015 16:32

Fabian, thank you for the report Smile

RE: 5-7 czerwca 2015 Luttmersen - Jurgen - 10-06-2015 08:46

Thanks - nice photo.