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Oficjalne raporty dotyczące 58th NYSV - wersja oryginalna
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58th NYSV

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Oficjalne raporty dotyczące 58th NYSV - wersja oryginalna
Cytat:O.R.-- SERIES I--VOLUME 15 [S# 15] MAY 15--JUNE 17, 1862.--Operations in the Shenandoah Valley. No. 42.--Report of Brig. Gen. Henry Bohlen, U. S. Army, commanding brigade, of the battle of Gross Keys.

The brigade received orders to march on the 8th at 6.15 a.m., and marched at that time from their camping ground in the following order: Fifty-fourth Regiment New York Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Kozlay; Battery I, First New York Artillery, commanded by Captain Wiedrich; Seventy-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Mahler; Fifty-eighth New York Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Krzyzanowski; Seventy-fourth Pennsylvania Volunteers, commanded by Major Harem. Ambulances and ammunition wagons followed in the rear of the brigade. Receiving orders to hurry on the column, I passed the train in front of my brigade and arrived near the place where the engagement should take place, immediately in rear of the First Brigade. Here I received orders to form the battalions in columns, to support the First Brigade, commanded by General Stahel. This order was executed at once, and the brigade at the point A (see diagram)(*) was put in motion in the following order, the battalions being in double columns, closed in mass: On the right the Fifty-fourth Regiment, followed by the Seventy-fifth; in the center (on the road)the battery of Captain Wiedrich; on the left the Fifty-eighth Regiment New York Volunteers, followed by the Seventy.fourth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. At the point B a staff officer of General Stahel requested me to order the column forward to support the First Brigade. The Fifty-eighth Regiment, being nearest on hand, was immediately ordered forward, formed in line of battle, and marched to the point C, the direction given by General Stahel. The Seventy-fourth was then ordered forward to the point D, on the left of the Fifty-eighth Regiment, and formed in line of battle. The battery was ordered to form at the point E on elevated ground. Receiving the indication that a force of two regiments with some cavalry was concealed in the wheat field (at point F)and tried to outflank me on the left, I immediately ordered the two regiments in reserve to the left to check the enemy's movements. I regret to say that at that time I received no communications at all as to what was going on my right, where part of the First Brigade had taken position. Meanwhile, as is shown in the report of Colonel Krzyzanowski, the Fifty-eighth marched gallantly ahead, supported by a section of Captain Schirmer's battery, which disabled the enemy's pieces placed on a hill on the right of the regiment (point G). The Fifty-eighth met the enemy and drove him back at the point of the bayonet. Being in danger of being cut off by two columns advancing on the right, and also by the enemy's force placed on the left, the regiment had to retire, Captain Schirmer's battery having previously retired. The regiment, being without any support, fell back behind Captain Wiedrieh's battery in good order. Meanwhile the Seventy-fourth Regiment had proceeded in line of battle toward the wheat field (at point D). Here General Blenker ordered to send only two companies of skirmishers ahead, he supposing the New York Eighth Regiment to be in front, the main body of the regiment following slowly. At the outskirts of the woods (at point H) our skirmishers met the enemy suddenly again, concealed in a wheat field and protected by fences, as appears in the report of Major Hamm, in the strength of two regiments. Major Hamm, being in danger of being outflanked on the left and overpowered by the superior strength of the enemy, was forced to retire, which he did slowly. He then received orders from me to move to the left toward the woods to give the battery of Captain Wiedrich a full sway. This battery soon opened fire and did fearful execution. Before the battery was brought in action the Seventy-fifth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers was ordered to advance and relieve the Seventy-fourth Pennsylvania Volunteers. It had already the skirmishers deployed, when the order was given to fall back in a small ravine to give the artillery an opportunity to fire. The Fifty-fourth Regiment New York Volunteers, Colonel Kozlay, was ordered to the left to deploy in the woods. Captain Schirmer's battery on my right having already retired, he (Captain Schirmer) gave the command to Captain Wiedrich to retire also, against my positive order to remain. The battery then retired. At this moment a battalion of the enemy deployed in line of battle on the hill opposite our position. The battery then came into action again, pouring grape shot into the line of the enemy, which forced him to retire. After few shots the battery was again ordered by Captain Schirmer to retire, which order was obeyed. Meanwhile the Fifty-fourth Regiment New York Volunteers was ordered to the left into the woods ready to support part of the Seventy-fourth, which was on the extreme left deployed in line of skirmishers. After the battery had retired a retrograde movement of the Seventy-fifth and Fifty-fourth Regiments was visible. They retired slowly about 100 paces when they were ordered to a halt. The Fifty-fourth, being in front, was ordered to deploy at once, which order was executed in the woods (at J). A second regiment of the enemy appearing on the outskirts of the woods, the Fifty- fourth regiment opened fire. After a few shots the enemy retired and did not molest us any longer. General orders being given to fall back, the movement was executed in complete order by my entire command. From the report of Captain Schirmer, whose guns were supported by the Fifty-eighth Regiment, this regiment behaved with great gallantry, under the command of Colonel Krzyzanowski. During the action Capt. P. T. Schopp, assistant adjutant-general, and my two aides-de-camp, Captain Yultman and Captain Chandler, as well as Quartermaster John Weih, were generally under fire and transmitted my orders with great promptitude.

Brigadier-General, Commanding.
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